The December 8th meet will be the annual holiday party. No guests but family members are welcome.   Lunch will be provided and membership certificates will be handed out. January meeting Jan 12. Febuary meeting Feb 9. All events at Veterans Hall, Lafayette. Please note our site has been damaged and is being repaired.         
What is TCA? What is Nor-Cal?
The Train Collectors Association (TCA) was founded in 1954 in Yardley, Pennsylvania. The mission of the TCA is "to preserve an important segment of history- tinplate trains- through research, establishment of collecting standards, education, community outreach, fellowship, and to promote the growth and enjoyment of the hobby." The TCA embraces all aspects of the toy and model train collecting and operating hobby. The TCA "Kids Club" program encourages the development of new generations of collectors. The TCA Headquarters National  Office and Museum are located in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, in the Pennsylvania Dutch countryside, adjacent to the Strasburg Railroad and the Red Caboose Motel.  TCA membership as of October 2014, was 25,057.
                                                                                                                                                                  There are nineteen regional Divisions within the TCA. The Northern California Division (Nor-Cal) was formed in 1957 in order to provide a local venue for meetings. Nor-Cal holds meetings once a month, normally on the second Saturday of the month, at the Veterans Memorial Hall in Lafayette.                  Trains are bought and sold at meetings, between members only, but guests are welcome to attend (see details below,)                                There are currently (as  of April 8, 2014) 353 dues-paying members in Nor-Cal.
Although collecting and operating our trains is certainly a joy in itself, the full measure of enjoyment is in  meeting with people of similar interests. In Nor-Cal you will find people who "speak your language" and share in the pleasure of collecting and operating toy and model trains. You can find lifelong "train buddies” in Nor Cal.
   What advantages do our meets offer over buying on EBay?
    (1) Buyers can closely inspect trains- no unpleasant surprises!
 Why Join TCA?   (2) Sellers can answer questions on history and provenance
    (3) There are no shipping charges!
    (4) Sellers and buyers can develop a personal relationship  
              Survey of Interests
  A   June   2008   online   survey   indicated   that   Nor-Cal   members   collect   and/or   operate   toy and   model   trains   in   the   following   proportions   [votes   for   each   gauge   divided   by   the   total votes]:
              Standard   Gauge   (and   Wide   Gauge): 10%
                                    O-Gauge 3-rail:41%         
    O-Gauge 2-Rail: 4%
S-Gauge (American Flyer and other manufacturers): 14%
              G-Scale (the Garden Railway sized trains): 3%
HO-Gauge: 12%
              N-Gauge: 4%
Z Gauge 5% Erector and Meccano Sets: 6%
Of course, many members collect and operate more than one gauge.
This website updated on November 9, 2018
The Cal-Stu meet (also called TrainExpo) will be held March 3 at the San Ramon Hyatt.